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At Rookswood Farm, the pigs are not only born and bred right there on the farm in Outwood near Horley, but they are fed almost entirely on food which comes from within a mile of their rural home, deep in beautiful Surrey countryside. Housed in a spacious barn during the colder months (with lots of their favourite straw bedding to eat as well as snuggle down in), in summer the pigs roam freely outside, tucking into brambles, berries and acorns.  They are free to suckle, sleep (top to tail!), roam and behave in a natural piggy way, just how they should.  

The pigs bred at Rookswood Farm are Welsh and Large White, which are both on the rare breed list. The meat is succulent and richly flavoured and worth the time taken in its careful production.

Pulled pork in the pot about to be cooked | Local Food Surrey
Piglets eating straw at Rookswood Farm, Outwood | Local Food Surrey

Meat boxes full of Surrey-reared pork

Farm-cured bacon, gammon, sausages, chops and prime roasting joins - in fact, every cut of pork is available from Rookswood Farm. Call or email to find out when the next boxes are ready, then arrange to visit the farm to collect or have it delivered if you are fairly local. This top quality pork works out very good value when you buy a quarter or a half pig - typically, a quarter pig will cost around £65 and you will receive around 10 kilos of meat: half a leg; half a shoulder; around a kilo and a half of belly; a kilo and a half of chops and some amazing sausages. 

Hog roast pork straight from the farm

A hog roast is a very sociable way to feed a crowd and is popular for wedding receptions, parties and sports club family days, as well as school fêtes and festivals. Hire everything you need from Rookswood Farm and, depending on the size of the pig, you will satisfy between 50 and 150 hungry partygoers and have some left over for sandwiches to fortify you during the clearing-up!

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Local Food Surrey says

Rookswood Farm is a traditional family business - Lynn Wilson takes care of the chickens while her husband Richard and son David look after the pigs and see to general farming duties.

By sourcing meat from farming families like the Wilsons, we are helping our local economy and investing in the future of local food in Surrey. We're also buying a fabulous product that tastes great.