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Camberley in Surrey is located just 31 miles south west of London and lies on the borders of Hampshire and Berkshire. 

The town originates from the establishment of the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in 1812, when a settlement formed around the academy. This became known as New Town. After several name changes, “Camberley” was settled on in 1877, developed from the name’s predecessor, “Cambridge Town” (this name change was to avoid confusion with Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. It seems the General Post Office found it all too confusing – understandable in the days before postcodes! Today, Camberley is a thriving town and has a busy shopping centre, The Mall. There is plenty of choice of restaurants, cafes and dining pubs. Camberley is well known for its concrete pipe white elephant, created by a pipe company that rented premises near The Meadows roundabout. Although the pipe company is long gone, the elephant has been preserved and is now a famous landmark.