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Serving "epic pies and awesome sides" from their vintage Bedford van or silver bullet airstream, MYPIE recently collected a number of awards in the 2018 British Pie Awards - with their free-range chicken, smoked ham and tarragon pie being named champion in its particular category.

Frustrated by the poor quality pies that he often found at events in Britain, Australian born Chris Brumby, a chef by trade, decided to hit the road and show the rest how it's done in 2014 – and he's never looked back since.

These days, MYPIE's street food trucks offer a constantly changing selection of delicious handmade pies, sausage rolls and Scotch eggs, with various delectable side dishes providing the perfect accompaniments.

Pie and wine with MYPIE London
MYPIE'S vintage airstream caravan

While their meat pies (anything from Hampshire farmed beef with potato and Guinness to confit duck, bacon and beans ...) are often where it's at, MYPIE are no slouches when it comes to vegetarian options. Recent offerings have included truffled mac and cheese, oyster mushrooms and spinach and Jersey Royals with Gruyère cheese and leeks. Mouthwatering – whatever your chosen lifestyle. 

Based in Epsom but usually found feeding the masses somewhere in our nation's capital, Chris and his team source their ingredients as locally as possible and make all of their products themselves. He's even been known to include his own home grown veg in the garden salads.

MYPIE are just as happy rocking up at wedding receptions and catering for events, as they are hitting the streets of London and the latest must-visit food festivals. 

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Local Food Britain says

British Pie Week takes place every March in the UK but don't leave it that long until you experience MYPIE's epic take on the humble pie with rich gravies made from scratch, freshly baked pastries and richly delicious fillings. You can taste the passion that goes into their produce.   

MYPIE will be appearing at our Local Food Britain festival in September and you can find their most up-to-date street food appearances by following them on social media.