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What is biodynamic wine? It’s wine produced by observing nature in a concept originated by the early 20th century Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. It’s 100% organic; indeed, the grower has gone beyond organic to bring the farming process even more closely in tune with nature. A biodynamic farmer may farm according to the stars and use horses instead of modern tractors.

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  • Albury Organic Vineyard in
  • Albury Organic Vineyard in the Surrey Hills next to Silent Pool produces award-winning sparkling and rosé English wines using biodynamic principles.

  • Gimblett Cheese Company in
  • Launched by passionate food and drink explorers, Pam and Francis Gimblett, in 2016, Gimblett Cheese Company are cheesemakers based in Haslemere, Surrey. They also run a tasting events business, Taste of the Vine.

  • Village Greens Farm Shop at Denbies in
  • Located at Denbies Wine Estate, just steps away from the vineyard, Village Greens Farm Shop in Dorking sells locally grown and sourced foods from Surrey and surrounding counties.