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Welcome to Local Food Kent!

A guide to local food and Kent dining that is written by food lovers, for food lovers. Here, we gather the riches of the Kent food and drink scene and spread latest news about essential finds for foodies.

We hope you enjoy your visit and discover the best of local food and drink.

Tracy, Zabian and Angela

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Gary Mercer and Sarah Clout outside Holwood Farm Shop, Keston | Local Food Kent

The Garden of England, Kent has an abundance of wonderful food and drink. From fields to orchards, shorelines to marshlands, Kent is a food-lover's paradise. We help you navigate the food scene to fine all that's best in Kent.

find places to EAT

Pretty tea shop in Kent | Local Food Kent

Traditional tea rooms, award-winning restaurants, sunny courtyards and seaside fish stalls - there is no shortage of places to eat in Kent. And with so much food and drink produced right here, local ingredients take centre stage.

buy local DRINKS

Oast house in Kent | Local Food Kent

Traditionally the home of the UK's hop industry, with its rich soils and a micro-climate with cold winds from the North Sea, Kent was perfect for growing hops. So it's no surprise that there are many Kentish beers as well as wines and fruit juices.

EVENTS & caterers

Oysters at Whitstable Oyster Festival | Local Food Kent

The people of Kent love to celebrate food; the Whitstable Oyster Festival draws thousands to the sleepy seaside town. The county boasts many food and drink events and its farmers markets are the place to find producers selling local delicacies.


seasonal recipes

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  • Wild Garlic and Rabbit Arancini Recipe
  • Beef Pasties with a Rich Oregano Pastry
  • Rye Coffee Porter & Treacle Loaf