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Surrey-based private chef Sally Iddles’ food philosophy has always been to cook great food, simply.

Using the highest quality, seasonal produce, her first thought is always to bring out the best flavour in the ingredients. Anyone who has ever attended one of her fabulous supper clubs at Secretts of Milford will attest to the culinary skill she brings to the table.

Choosing the very best ingredients means she serves English asparagus in season from the farm down the road but also the first ruby oranges or perfumed nectarines of the season from Spain or Italy. Sometimes you’ve got to look a little further in search of the finest flavours.

Her catering business, Sally Iddles Fabulous Food, has been hosting food and drink events for more than 20 years in London, Surrey and the home counties.

Whether its weddings, big birthdays, christenings, graduations or family reunions, Sally has built a well earned reputation for adding the required foodie flourishes to the most important celebrations.

Sally Iddles Fabulous Food private chef
Sally Iddles Fabulous Food private chef

Aside from her Sally Iddles Fabulous Food catering business, Sally is also the food brain of Wyse2 Limited, an established restaurant and hospitality consultancy.

With associates, she has worked on project management, openings and menus for Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Dishoom, The Good Egg, Franco Manca, The Real Greek and Hop, among others. 

Having been head of food for a national chain of restaurants, spent 10 years working in food retail with Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and also employed in a range of projects in the food and restaurant sector, Sally is a flexible and experienced food expert.

So, whether you're looking to host a celebration that people will remember for ever or you're a restaurant, pub or tea room looking to revamp your food offering, Sally Iddles is the perfect chef to speak to.

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Local Food Surrey says

The food that Sally Iddles Fabulous Food produces is a celebration of expertly grown ingredients used at the peak of their seasonality. 

Her expertise is truly second to none and her dishes truly are fabulous.