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Discovering Surrey Hills Butchers in Oxshott, you will be reassured that the future of the traditional family butcher is in safe hands. Owner Simon Taylor and his team of skilled butchers and apprentices take immense pride in selecting the best quality meat, preparing it beautifully in the time-honoured way and all with the kind of customer service that keeps shoppers coming back.

It's no surprise, then, that Surrey Hills Butchers was the back-to-back winner of the Surrey Life Food and Drink Award for Butcher of the Year in 2015 and 2016 - and a finalist in 2017. It all comes down to the care Simon and his team take to be the best: from visiting local farmers and suppliers to see exactly how their meat is produced, to putting the shop at the heart of the community.

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Local Food Britain

What's special about Surrey Hills Butchers?

The counter is always stocked full of top quality cuts, sourced from local farmers wherever possible but always from within the UK. "We're a traditional butchers that has moved with the times," says Simon. "We offer classic cuts and modern twists, and work hard to keep up with food trends."

At the age of 33, Simon had already been working in butchers shops for 20 years and really understands the importance of keeping the traditional skills alive. His admirable aim to train as many butchers as he can during his career has already seen one of his young charges beat hundreds of others to be named Butchery Apprentice of the Month by a top industry training body.

How do you contribute to the local food scene in Surrey?

All meat and poultry from Surrey Hills Butchers comes from farmers who really care about their livestock, as Simon knows that every step of the field-to-fork journey is important: from how the animal is fed to how it is slaughtered, not to mention how it is butchered and cooked.

Simon and his team are all passionate about food and have very high standards - which has driven them to open The Cow Shed, where their butchery courses and demonstrations are held. The butchery school offers professional and amateur level courses, delivered straight "from the butcher's block" - fans include well-known local blogger and regular customer Nathalie of This Surrey Mummy.

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Local Food Surrey says

It is fantastic to see Simon keeping his traditional butchers shop thriving on the high street, by inspiring young apprentices, offering tremendous customer service and ensuring that only the best meat and poultry make it onto his counter.

Butchery courses in The Cow Shed at Surrey Hills Butchers are a brilliant way to reconnect customers with the food they eat and help them understand the time-honoured skills of a good butcher.