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Based in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Hill House Farm is a family-run farm dedicated to connecting people to the countryside through food and rural experiences.

Their rare-breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Southdown sheep are free-range and home-reared on their 17 hectare farm near Dorking, Surrey.

Hill House Farm's Gloucester Old Spot herd includes 14 pedigree sows and two boars called Boris and Rufus, while they have more than 60 Southdown sheep, which are indigenous to their part of the world and one of the oldest English sheep breeds in the UK.  

The current owners, the Jones family, purchased the farm in 1998 and pride themselves on creating high quality pork and lamb products.

The pigs at Hill House Farm
Hill House Farm's food stall

Hill House Farm has recently built a brand-new farm to fork production unit to help in the preparation of their award-winning food products, including their fabulous sausage rolls.

As well as selling pork and lamb joints, either as a quarter, half or whole order, they also cure their own bacon and have a variety of delicious sausages made to their own special recipes.

The team sell their produce locally, within a 30 mile radius, and current stockists include Food Float in Dorking and Kingfisher Farm Shop in Abinger Hammer. They are a growing business, however, and are always on the hunt for new food outlets.

Adding to their 'farm to fork' philosophy, Hill House Farm has recently released a selection of rare breed pork ready meals based on their free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

Hill House Farm propose a 'learn, life and leisure' philosophy and believe it’s really important to know where your food comes from and what’s gone into creating it.

That’s why educating young people on topics ranging from animal husbandry to food preparation using natural ingredients, in a fantastic outdoor environment, is at the very heart of what they do.

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Local Food Surrey says

At Local Food Britain, we're all about shining a spotlight on the farm to table process and so it's fantastic to see the likes of Hill House Farm thriving with their rare breed animals and efforts to educate.  

Hill House Farm's new production facility will enable them to reach new markets and grow their family-owned business, and we look forward to seeing how the project develops in the coming years.