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It's said that the very best tasting beef comes from exclusively pasture-fed animals, and that's why the cows at Brightleigh Farm in Outwood are free to roam and graze on Surrey grassland for most of the year.

Farmer Penny Vaughan is proud to rear her cattle in accordance with Pasture for Life standards, which means that when you buy her beef you can be sure it has been fed a natural diet.

The animals only move indoors for the worst of the winter months, where they are fed on home grown hay and silage.

Brightleigh Farm is run using organic principles and they don't use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers on their fields, which helps to produce top-quality natural meat free from chemicals. 

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Penny Vaughan from Brightleigh Farm, Outwood, in a field of beef cattle

The soil is the beating heart of Brightleigh Farm. Healthy soil means healthy plants, which in turn means healthy animals and nutritious meat. The food produced is nutrient dense, so you need less to get the same nutrition.

Feeding into a sustainable farming philosophy, the carbon footprint of grass farms is significantly lower than that of farms where cereal crops are grown to feed animals. 

Brightleigh Farm produces all cuts of beef, nose to tail, from sirloin, rump and fillet steak to roasting joints, mince and burgers and even oxtail, kidneys and tongue.

Beef from Brightleigh Farm is dry hung for 21-28 days to allow the flavours of the meat to develop in the traditional way, before it is prepared for sale by a family-run butcher just down the road.

As well as their prized herd of cattle, Brightleigh Farm also have rare breed pigs and a small flock of free-range hens.

How to order

Call or email Penny to find out what fresh stock she has alternatively order from her freezer stock. A meat box of delicious pasture-fed beef for your own freezer starts at just £25. For more information, visit Brightleigh Farm's website.

Pop-up farm shop

Brightleigh Farm run a pop-up farm shop every Saturday, 10am to 2pm, at their farm. As well as selling their farm produce, they also stock jam and chutneys from Jam Packed Preserves, milk and cream from Nutfield Dairy, cheese from Norbury Park Farm Cheese Company, local honey and Daltons Butter. 

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Local Food Surrey says

Brightleigh Farm has been in Penny Vaughan's family since 1959 when her father Jim Brunton started a dairy farm with 8 Ayrshire cows from Scotland. Since milk production ceased in 1999, Penny and her mother Anne Brunton have been rearing their pasture-fed beef herd.

Pasture-fed beef really is the best you can get, and when it's available on your doorstep directly from small-scale, independent farmers like Penny why would you go anywhere else?