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Aromatic, colourful, flavoursome and healthy – Laraba Catering’s traditional Nigerian food brings the authentic tastes of West Africa straight to your table. Catering for corporate events, family parties and busy homes, Laraba provides that ‘something really different’ eating experience you’ve been yearning for. Excite your palate with delicious and affordable African food.  Discover Laraba’s freshly cooked traditional Nigerian dishes today and explore a whole new world of eating pleasure.

What can we expect from your Nigerian catering service?

Nigerian food is colourful, flavoursome and spicy. Mainstay ingredients are rice, yam, plantain and beans, which are served in an electic mix of nutritious sauces, soups, stews and rice dishes. Lara Osilaja - the founder of Laraba Catering - is passionate about providing customers with her delicious and healthy style of Nigerian food.

How do you contribute to the local food scene in Surrey?

By spicing it up and offering something different and unusual to the county's food lovers! Nigerian food isn’t yet in the UK's culinary mainstream.  Lara sees no reason why it shouldn’t be – and her many contented customers agree.  The most authentic traditional Nigerian cooks will only ever use the freshest natural ingredients and take time and great care to prepare by hand and cook just right. We believe in sourcing as many of these ingredients as possible from right here in Surrey.

Food Laraba Catering Surrey

Sensational: saucy spare ribs with handcut yam chips and vegetables

Laraba Catering Epsom

Cooked to perfection: Nigerian beans with fried plaintain

West African catering for home, party and business dining

Whether it’s for your home, a party, wedding or  corporate event, Laraba gives you a great choice of Nigerian cuisine and can create a complete menu to suit the most discerning of diners. If you’re an avid fan of Nigerian food or a complete newcomer to it, Laraba Catering will be pleased to discuss your own particular requirements.

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Local Food Says

Lara’s been cooking fantastic Nigerian dishes for more than thirty years - as a child, she used a footstool to reach the cooker. All that effort paid off ... she’s become a very good cook.