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Do you know the difference between real bread and factory-produced sliced white? Or how many ingredients you need to make bread (it's a lot less than you think)? Take a look at our guide to Real Bread and where to find it in Surrey.

Eating out or shopping for food can be difficult if you have food allergies or coeliac disease.

Buying and cooking the Christmas turkey is no mean feat when you’re faced with a plethora of choice and responsible for the most important family meal of the year. Here at Local Food Britain, however, we believe investing time, effort and money into finding the best bird will pay dividends on the day.

As Halloween gets bigger and bigger in the UK, it’s worth remembering that pumpkins are a deeply delicious culinary ingredient as well as providing exciting carving opportunities. This has been a good year for gourds due to the settled spring (good for pollination) and long, sunny September days. In fact, there are so many varieties you really can be spoilt for choice.