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Professional chef and nutritional therapist Holly Sugars created Food Envy to offer a range of services from bespoke private catering and cookery classes to nutritional consultations.

Holly's aim is to create wonderful, healthy and nutritious food; food that is bespoke for each individual.

Holly also specialises in gluten free, vegan, dairy free and sugar free food options.

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Local Food Britain

Private catering
Holly caters for a whole host of events ranging in size from intimate dinner parties to larger scale events. She also offers a bespoke meal delivery and a fridge/freezer filling service, perfect if you want to eat healthy nutritious meals but don't have the time to cook everything yourself from scratch!

Private cooking lessons 
Whether you are looking to brush up on your cooking skills or are a complete novice, Holly offers a range of classes tailored to individual needs. Lessons can be booked for small groups as well as private one-to-one sessions.

Nutritional advice and therapy
Through tailored nutritional therapy, Holly specialises in helping combat digestive problems, fatigue or low energy, female health issues, food intolerances, frequent colds, skin ailments, sleep problems and weight management difficulties.

Holly has also recently been running classes in baby and child nutrition, offering advice and guidance to parents.

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Local Food Surrey says

If you love your body, want to eat gorgeous healthy yummy food, and want to nourish your mind in the process, then this is for you. 

For inspiration in the kitchen, cooking tuition or nutritional advice - get in touch with Holly to make a plan today!