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Durban Street Food owners Dave and Charmaine Mace always loved entertaining family and friends for lunch or dinner when they lived in South Africa.

Now settled in the UK, they continue to follow their food and drink dream with a kitchen and retail shop front in New Malden, Surrey.

Durban Street Food started with a South African street food stall at various food festivals. The idea really took off when they discovered how many South Africans there are living in the UK, all longing for a taste of some traditional South African dishes.

This naturally led Durban Street Food to expand their offering and they now produce quick, easy ready cooked, frozen meals for people to pop into the oven or microwave and enjoy home style food in minutes. A tasty, healthy and economical alternative to a takeaway.

Dave and Charmaine of Durban Street Food, Surrey
South African Bobotie from Durban Street Food

Durban Street Food only use high welfare meat and chicken, and all of their South African-style curries are gluten free with a blend of their own spices and no preservatives or MSG.

Enjoy savoury dishes such as Bobotie (curried meat with a creamy golden topping), Durban Beef Curry and Cape Malay Chicken Curry or dive into their sweeter side with Koeksisters (pastry filled with syrup), Malva Pudding (a twist on sticky toffee pudding with apricot jam) and South African-style bread pudding.

Durban Street Food are also happy to provide their food in larger quantities for special occasions or events. They also supply South African speciality stores with their meals and some pubs with their desserts.

As well as their New Malden kitchen shop, you can find them at New Malden Farmers’ Market on the first Saturday of every month and we'd recommend you keep an eye out for their occasional pop up restaurants.

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Local Food Surrey says

With people living such busy lives these days, Durban Street Food are on hand to liven up the world of frozen ready meals with their vibrant South African influenced homestyle dishes.

The flavours of the world with all of the good stuff included and none of the bad, all cooked with love and ready to eat in minutes. Sounds like perfect comfort food to us.