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Wembley is a northwest district of London in the London Borough of Brent and is synonymous with Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, a far cry from its origins as a meadow or clearing when mentioned in the charter of 825 of King Beornwulf. By 1547 much of the area surrounding the village of Wembley was wooded with only six houses recorded.

A mill inhabited the Wembley village in the seventeenth century, and railway lines followed in the nineteenth century, while the area around the current Wembley Stadium was the site of the British Empire Exhibition in 1924-1925. The football stadium re-opened on the original site in 2007 after the original stadium was demolished in 2003 and hosts all major football matches including the home games played by the England national football team. With 90,000 seats it is the largest UK football stadium and the second largest in Europe.

As Wembley is such a key destination for sports enthusiasts, food options are plentiful with a large number of restaurants offering everything from Chinese, Thai and Nepalese dishes to Italian, Greek and South American.