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The London Borough of Ealing in West London is an ethically diverse area including in Ealing and Acton a hardcore Irish community, a large British-Polish community as well as churches and centres for Hungarians and Assyrians. As a result there is an eclectic mix of shops including Polish and modern Asian delis, French patisseries and noodle bars alongside your usual restaurants and pubs.

Within the borough are 330 hectares designated as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt, and two garden suburbs: Brentham Garden Suburb; and Bedford Park, both of which are conservation areas. Bedford Park was the world’s first garden suburb designed to protect its mature trees, and resulted in the 1880s in a church, parish hall, clubs, stores, pub and school of art in addition to its houses.

For four hours every Saturday, Leeland Road in Ealing is closed to traffic and hands itself over to Ealing Farmers’ Market, which brings together fresh produce from farms such as Ixhill Farm and Malcolm Stone offering everything from cheese, meats, cakes and bread to flowers, honey, pies and heritage apples.