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Cheese is a massively popular food in the UK, with 98% of British households buying cheese on a regular basis, and cheddar winning hands down as the UK’s favourite cheese. As a result, there are around 700 cheeses made in the UK, many at dairy farms in the countryside surrounding London.

Cheese is a concentrated form of milk and it takes around 10 litres of milk to make up 1 kg of hard cheese. It contains less fat than often thought with cheddar cheese made up of around 34% fat and is an integral part of a typical balanced diet and particularly nutritious for children.

Many UK cheeses are made using traditional recipes handed down over the years, often at the farm where the milk is produced. You can choose anything from semi hard Red Leicester to crumbly Wensleydale to blue cheeses such as Dovedale and soft cheese such as Brie. Many delis and farm shops will let you try before you buy, while more and more cheese companies are able to deliver a cheese box made to order.

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