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A cup of tea is the answer to most problems and in this country obsessed by the cuppa, it’s no surprise there are thousands of blends from which to choose. And if you’re looking for an alternative from your builder’s tea, why not try speciality tea.

Speciality teas may be blended or unblended, but what really sticks out is the fact that they’re generally of a higher quality and something slightly different than your average tea.

From your traditional black and green teas to the more unusual red (rooibos), white and oolong teas, there are many speciality tea blends and brands on the market, some of which can be bought as loose leaf tea and others in unusually types of tea bags.

Whatever your preference, why not try Darjeeling earl grey, peppermint tea or rhubarb and ginger from some real specialist brands next time you’re in your local deli?

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