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Ice cream always conjures up images of long summer days by the seaside. However, it's not just kids' play as there are so many sophisticated brands and flavours out there that specialise in blending local milk and luxury ingredients for a heady mix of frozen delight.

London is no exception with many gelato outlets dealing in everything from ice cream cones to cakes and bombes in your classic fruit flavours such as strawberry and pistachio to the more unusual black vanilla and Kentish Town honey and honeycomb, many of which use local suppliers.

Ice cream originates from China where it was invented in the first millennium. Liquids were frozen by immersing them in a mixture of ice and salt, which react together to lower the temperature of the mixture below freezing point. The Italians were the first to introduce milk into the mixture, while in England King Charles II was first served ice cream as a luxury food in 1672.

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