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Milk has been part of the diet for thousands of years, and is a beneficial source of nutrients for all age groups, so it’s no wonder that it’s an essential item on everyone’s weekly - and often daily - shopping list. There is a common misconception that dairy foods are high in fact, but the truth is that semi-skinned milk contains only 1.7% fat, skimmed milk has 0.3% fat, and 1% milk has 1% fat.

Milk-based and milk-related products contain protein (to build and repair muscle tissue), calcium (builds strong bones and teeth), vitamin B12 (needed for red blood cells), vitamin B2 or riboflavin (for healthy skin) and phosphorous (for bones and to generate energy in the body’s cells).

Whether it’s to go in your breakfast cereal, mix up with eggs or just to make a cuppa with, milk is a pretty important part of the family’s diet, so do your bit by buying local from some of the many fantastic farms in the surrounding countryside.

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