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Crosbies - the home of the Ultimate Chocolate Brownie!

Crosbies creates the finest quality chocolate brownies, cakes and delicious sweet treats. Everything is made by hand and you won't find anything artificial in our food, just fabulous flavours. Our philosophy at Crosbies is simple - if you are going to treat yourself, make sure it is something well made and naturally delicious. Good food should not be full of artifice, just the best ingredients and fantastic flavours.

Tell us about your business and what is great about it. 

Crosbies is a family business that specialises in quality handmade produce. Clare Crosbie has been a chef for over 20 years. Cordon Bleu trained, she has worked in Burgundy, Verbier and London where she ran the restaurant and bar for Richard Branson’s record company, V2 Music Group. After 10 years of hanging out with rock stars, she decided to set up her own company and Crosbies is the result.

Natural ingredients matter 

We use the best quality fresh ingredients we can find and try to source locally wherever possible. Our ingredients are all natural and you won’t find any preservative or colouring in any of our products. Our ethos is simple - give people great tasting food made with care and skill. If we wouldn’t eat it we don’t expect you to … and we’re very fussy !

A particular favourite among our customers is Crosbies Chocolate Brownies. These are made using a Belgian organic chocolate that has 73% cocoa solids. They contain 40% chocolate and make a fabulous dessert served warm with some really good vanilla ice cream and fresh red berries – absolute pudding perfection!

Crosbie Foods cakes Surrey
Sweet treats at Crosbie Foods Surrey
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Local Food Surrey says

One of the philosophies at Crosbies is that if you are going to treat yourself to something delicious then make sure it is good – don't settle for something mass produced and tasteless, go for the real thing. We couldn't agree more!