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Mummy Makes Fudge is a producer of fudge as it should be! Made with traditional ingredients: butter + milk + sugar = yummy crumbly buttery chunks of handmade fudge from Farnham. Choose from over 30 flavours!

What is great about your fudge?

We make our fudge to a family recipe with a few modern twists, happily responding our customers' tastes and flavour requests. Simple honest ingredients with no unnecessary additives mean our fudge has a shelf life of eight weeks ... unless you open the eye-candy packet, then it's gone in a moment!

How do you contribute to the local food scene in Surrey? 

Sold at local craft fairs and markets and a few selected local retailers, 'mummy makes...' fudge is becoming Farnham's favourite fudge. All our customers say, 'This is how fudge should be.. not that chewy stuff that's cut off a block with a cheesewire.. we want fudge like THIS!' We support small and local businesses giving an introductory discount to new suppliers PLUS free local delivery.

Delicious handmade fudge - many flavours are gluten-free. For gluten-free fudge, please check when purchasing.

  • Attends Farmers Market
  • Local Delivery
  • Trade Suppliers

Local Food Surrey says

This fudge really is wonderful. Reminds us of what we used to make as children. There is so much bad fudge in the world and it's a relief to find something this good. We love it!