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Norbury Blue is a delightful cheese noted locally for its distinct taste and flavour. This is derived from the milk from the closed herd of Fresian cows that enjoy a rich and diverse diet, grazing on the lush meadow grasses at the foot of the North Downs by the river Mole, with its diverse array of wildlife.  The unique flavour of the cheese is also down to the fact that it is unpasteurised, so none of the character is lost during the pasteurisation process.

What is great about your business?

Norbury Park Farm Cheese Company Limited is a small, family business run by Michaela and Neil who pride themselves on their handmade artisan product and non-commercial attitude towards their much loved Norbury Blue Cheese. This really is artisan cheese making at its best! After milking, the milk is moved from the milking parlour to the cheese-making dairy, just 30 metres up the farmyard.  Here it is pumped into a 900 litre vat and heated. The moulds are then loaded by hand, salted washed and transferred into the maturing room where they stay for approximately four weeks. When the test results are returned, the cheese is ready to be marketed.   

How do you contribute to the local food scene in Surrey?

We support the local food community by selling Norbury Blue through farm shops, delis and good food shops in Surrey and beyond and also by supplying our handmade cheese to exclusive restaurants and hotels.  We do not sell our cheese to supermarkets.  And we always put quality before profit!

Norbury Blue cheese Mickleham Surrey

Norbury Blue is a grand, blue-veined unpasteurised cow's milk cheese from Surrey

Norbury Blue cheese Surrey
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Local Food Britain says

Surrey is so lucky to have such a fantastic blue cheese made right here. Michaela and Neil have worked so hard to get this cheese established as a real star of the local food scene.  Next time you see it - taste it and discover for yourself what makes it so sought-after.