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Based in Dorking, Cao Kitchen produces a delicious range of handmade, natural, raw cacao pastes that can be used for anything from making drinks to cooking with or simply enjoyed on their own. There are currently four flavours from which to choose: Orange (with a zesty feel); Malt (a lovely earthy, warm option); Mint (with a fresh, lively twist); and classic. They are all dairy-free and vegan too.  

Local Food Britain
Local Food Britain

What is special about Cao's chocolate pastes?

All the ingredients we use are natural. Our raw cacao is organic and we use premium A-grade maple syrup to sweeten the pastes, so they are suitable for vegans and contain no refined sugars. Raw cacao hasn't been subjected to the processing that 'normal' chocolate receives - but still tastes amazing!

How do you contribute to the food scene in your locality?

We love to get involved in the community by attending food fairs, markets and festivals. We also work closely with the local shops that we supply to help promote their businesses and the thriving Surrey artisan food industry.

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Local Food Surrey says:

Having tried these innovative chocolate pastes here at the office, we can confirm that they are absolutely delicious! The fact that they are also dairy-free and vegan is an added bonus too. Read more here ...

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt..." Charles M. Schulz