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Eden Greens Urban Farm in Woking, Surrey produces sustainable, fresh and indoor grown microgreens for home cooks, restaurants, pubs, chefs and caterers throughout the year.

Both delicious and nutritious, Eden Greens' microgreens are a tasty accompaniment to any meal and free of any pesticides or chemicals.

A family run business, Ralph and Tracey Carter take the harshness out of the British weather by growing sunflower shoots, China Rose radish, garlic chives, pea shoots, micro broccoli and more indoors.

They use low energy LED grow lights to replicate the plants’ natural energy source, meaning plants grow consistently without the external pressures of wind, rain, drought, frost etc.

Eden Green Urban Farm in Woking, Surrey
Eden Greens Urban Farm in Woking, Surrey growing kit

A firm favourite among fine dining restaurants over the years, microgreens have become increasingly popular in nutrition focused households due to their health benefits, great flavour and ease of use.

Whether used as a tasty garnish or a key flavour component, microgreens help to add a fresh and colourful zing to dishes.

As an added bonus, Eden Greens' microgreens are harvested on the same day they are delivered to guarantee freshness. For restaurants, they are also able to offer the option of live trays for the extra fresh touch.

They also produce a selection of microgreen grow your own kits to help customers try urban farming out for themselves. Kits currently include Health on a shelf (broccoli, kale and rocket) and Micro Power (broccoli, radish, red cabbage and pea shoots).

In an effort to help reduce food miles for local families, Eden Greens have been offering free to delivery to the Woking area, as well as supplying farm shops.

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Local Food Surrey says

We're big fans of ingenuity and innovation here at Local Food Surrey and while, of course, a picture perfect patchwork of rotating farm fields in pristine British countryside is an idyll we live fully, there are some increasingly fascinating alternative ways to bring food to our tables and that has to be applauded. It all helps to ease the burden of food and drink production, and it also helps to broaden what’s on offer throughout the year.  

Whether you're looking to tuck into one of their salad boxes or you're inspired to grow your own, we love Eden Greens positive efforts to help us all add something deliciously different and healthy to our menus.