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Pumpkins in Surrey and Sussex

Our guide to British grown pumpkin varieties and where to buy them in Surrey and Sussex. If you're feeling adventurous, why not pick your own?    As Halloween gets bigger and b…


Elderberries - polished gems for free

When we talk about eating local, we are usually referring to using ingredients that can be bought at the shops. However, this is not always the case, for supplies of local food ar…

elderberries, elderberry gin, foraging

Bramley apples - at the top of the tree!

At Local Food Surrey, we love local fruit and vegetables from Surrey - and a lovely, locally-grown Bramley apple is one of our favourites.  Bramleys are so versatile that you can u…

Bramley Apples, English apples, Cooking apples

crabapple jelly is tops on toast

It’s crystal clear – crabapple jelly is tops on toast Are crabapple trees under-rated for the smaller garden? Think about it – they are compact, show an abundance of fragrant, w…

Apples, crabapple jelly, crabapple, casseroles, dessert