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Crumbs Brewing make beer using left over artisan bread from another Local Food Britain member Chalk Hills Bakery in Reigate. It’s estimated that 44% of all bread made in the UK goes to waste. Crumbs are doing their bit for this growing problem and making great beers at the same time. Each of their beers uses a different type of loaf in its recipe, so the style and taste of the beer reflects its delicious artisan ingredient. 

Crumbs beer from Reigate | Local Food Surrey

Their first three beers cover the spectrum from light to dark. The Sourdough Pale Ale is light and zesty, the Bloomin’ Amber Lager is an interesting hybrid of ale and lager made using the Surrey Bloomer loaf and the dark and mysterious Rye Ruby Ale folds the distinct flavours of rye bread with caraway seeds into the beer. Sold from Priory Farm, The Vineking shops and the newly opened Four Hops craft beer shop in Reigate, the beer can also be bought directly via the Crumbs Brewing website. Further stockists are also being sought, with local wine and beer craft shops the ideal platform from which to launch such a beer with a fascinating back story and strong values.

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Local Food Surrey says

Crumbs Brewing is a great story of two artisan businesses coming together to produce beautiful beer by recycling Surrey-made bread made with the utmost care - a real example of a "blooming" friendship in the making.

Crumbs Brewing has also linked up with local specialist drink retailers who also appreciate the importance of independent, artisan start ups.