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Dorset apples provide a cider renaissance using age-old favourites

Cider has made a big comeback in Dorset in recent years thanks to the huge variety of traditional apples available. The county provides the ideal environment for award-winning orc…

Apples, orchards, cider

Kent's Biddenden launches new cider for summer

Local Food Britain member Biddenden Vineyards of Kent announces a UK first – a naturally-coloured sparkling cider called Red Love. Perfectly timed for the summer season, this m…

Apples, cider, Kent, vineyard

Biddenden Vineyards spreads the Red Love

Biddenden Vineyards has launched Red Love, the UK's first naturally red apple juice, produced by Biddenden from British-grown Red Love apples. The Swiss apple variety boasts a cri…

Apples, Apple pressing, Biddenden Vineyards, juice, Red Love

Sussex Bramleys - created with sunshine and showers

Bramley apples have been around for over 200 years and remain the first choice when a recipe calls for cooking or baking apples. In fact, each year in the UK we eat around 100 mil…

Bramley Apples, Apples

crabapple jelly is tops on toast

It’s crystal clear – crabapple jelly is tops on toast Are crabapple trees under-rated for the smaller garden? Think about it – they are compact, show an abundance of fragrant, w…

Apples, crabapple jelly, crabapple, casseroles, dessert