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Cider has made a big comeback in Dorset in recent years thanks to the huge variety of traditional apples available. The county provides the ideal environment for award-winning orchards and includes some hidden gems where even 200-year-old trees still produce a glut of delicious sweet fruit every autumn.

Dorset has always been known for its richly abundant apple orchards that provide some of the best-tasting juice in the country. Most of the county's back gardens traditionally featured apple trees and harvest was always a busy time as the latest fruits were picked, packed and sent off to be made into juice and cider.

This tradition still continues in many farms and orchards across Dorset as the autumn provides a rush of mouth-watering flavours, ranging from the Buttery Door and the Golden Ball to the Melcombe Russett. And it is this current interest in traditional tastes and farming methods that have given rise to a number of artisan cider makers looking to promote what has always been one of Dorset's best commodities.

As a result, apple growers are also getting in on the act by linking up with cider experts to turn their own apples into a beverage in a bid to supply the insatiable current thirst for home-grown, Dorset cider. And the great thing is that cider doesn't have to just been a cool, thirst-quenching drink for the summer months. Just add some heat, spices, oranges, brown sugar and some cinnamon sticks and you're good to go in the winter too. Cheers!

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