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Seville orange posset

Seville oranges are stocked by a number of our members including Priory Farm Shop at Nutfield near Redhill. Please ring first to check availablity. Seville oranges arrive in Janu…

Crabapple jelly

"Crabapple jelly is tops on toast" Related local food articles: It’s crystal clear – crabapple jelly is tops on toast

Strawberry fromage frais mousse

Choose the freshest, most luscious strawberries to whisk up a taste sensation with these delightful little mousses.

Rhubarb crumble

Rhubarb Crumble recipe from Riverford Organics Riverford Organics deliver a delightful range of organic food, drink and more. Here, they make excellent use of delicious, seasonal…

Glazed strawberry tart

Make great use of "pick your own" strawberries with this delightful strawberry tart recipe Strawberry tarts are best made during the strawberry season, when the fruit is luscious…

Seasonal fruit trifle

The best thing about trifle is that pretty much "anything goes". We love this recipe because it calls for homemade, proper custard and works wonderfully with just about any fruit. …


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