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WeFiFo book and culture club with Adele Parks - review

A cultural dining experience WeFiFo and The Salt Box are members of Local Food Britain. WeFiFo is an award winning social eating platform connecting home cooks, professional chef…

fish, meat, fruit, vegetables

25 things you didn’t know about turkeys

A farming family... Now in their third generation of farming, the Joy family has been farming poultry since 1930, with the business handed down from grandfather Frank to his son …

meat, turkey

Hove's Fin and Farm launch new saltmarsh 'slow food' beef boxes

Celebrating farm to table eating in Sussex, Hove's Fin & Farm has launched new saltmarsh 'slow food' beef boxes Love local Fin and Farm is an established local food and drink d…


Surrey Hills Butchers' Simon Taylor talks butchery, farming and Jimmy Doherty

It's no exaggeration to say that in recent years, Simon Taylor of Surrey Hills Butchers has helped to rejuvenate the Surrey butchery trade with his energy, passion and eye for a r…

meat, butchers, farming, rare breed

Keeping it in the family: Outwood Butchers

Not many of us grow up knowing exactly what we're going to do with our lives but, being part of a butchering dynasty that dates back to the late 19th century, William Walton alway…

meat, butchers, butcher

Local Food Britain and Tony Tobin say #ButcherIsBetter!

This week is National Butchers’ Week and we can now reveal the findings of our survey. More than 500 of you completed our 30 second questionnaire and told us what you thought abou…

meat, butchers, butcher, National Butchers' Week

Sussex butchers

Sussex is home to wonderful poultry, lamb, cattle, pork and game. So it comes as no surprise that Sussex is home to some brilliant butchers. And your local butcher’s isn’t just fo…

meat, butchers

Go 'meat' your butcher - he won't bite

If you've only ever bought meat from a supermarket chiller cabinet, it can be daunting to step inside a butcher's shop. Food Writer TRACY CARROLL took the bull by the horns and spo…

meat, butcher

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