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Sussex is home to wonderful poultry, lamb, cattle, pork and game. So it comes as no surprise that Sussex is home to some brilliant butchers. And your local butcher’s isn’t just for lamb shank or rib-eye steak; they can be a great one stop shop for local eggs, milk, cheese and more. In this age of supermarkets, a butcher’s shop can feel like a strange place to be. However, they are great places to expand your culinary horizons and get to know your wonderful local produce.

There’s so much more to meat than the few cuts on offer at the supermarket. Why not ask your butcher about what they’ve got? These lesser known cuts are brilliant buys, especially as you’ve got your butcher on hand to advise you how to get the best out of them. They may even have a few recipe books on hand for you to have a flick through.  You don’t need to worry about carving your new joint either. If it has a bone in it you can ask for it to be chined. This loosens the meat from the bone and it will make the joint far easier to slice at supper time.

Butchers’ advice is also invaluable if you’re in a spot of cookery confusion. Your local butcher will be able to help you with getting the right size of cut for the number of people at your dinner table.  And if you’re tired of using the same old braising steak for your favourite casserole, you can ask your butcher for a great alternative choice.  

Contrary to popular belief, butcher’s shops are surprisingly budget-friendly. If your desired cut is out of your price range, your local butcher will be more than happy to trim it down to fit your purse size or suggest a cheaper alternative.

With all these amazing cuts of meat just waiting to be tried, is there a better time than now to go out and meet Sussex’s incredible local butchers?

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