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Always searching for new and innovative ways to bring Sussex food directly to the doors of local food lovers, Hove's Fin and Farm has launched new conservation led and highest welfare beef boxes.

The beef, which is hung for three to four weeks to enhance its tenderness and flavour, comes from cattle reared as part of the Three Harbours Farms collaboration between farmers in the Pagham, Chichester and Langstone Harbour areas.

Born on the coastal plain, the cattle are reared on their mother's milk and grass for the first six months and, after weaning, their diet is predominantly flower and herbal-rich salt tinted grass. This contributes greatly to the taste and quality of the meat. 

Free to roam over the marshes, the cattle are generally kept outside – only moving into open barns in particularly severe weather.

Reared naturally on marshes and pasture, where they are allowed to mature slowly, the cattle enjoy two summers at grass and are kept until around two to two-and-a-half years old – long by modern standards.

The cattle are finished at Henfield, and travel in pairs. This reduces transportation and minimal stress is involved.

This benefits the welfare of the animals, keeps food miles to a minimum, helps support local businesses and the local economy and minimises greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

Slow food

Advocating the slow food movement, a worldwide effort to promote the pleasure and enjoyment of food coupled with a commitment to community and the environment, Fin and Farm can now add beef boxes, ground beef, casserole cuts and burgers to their roster of local produce.

Having launched in 2009, originally delivering only to commercial kitchens, Fin and Farm started home deliveries in 2011 and haven't looked back since.

As well as their new beef boxes, Fin and Farm are able to deliver locally grown and seasonally changing fruit and veg boxes; dairy and eggs; beer, wines and juices; and other products to ensure your Sussex larder is fully stocked with the best food and drink the area can offer - a true celebration of provenance and farm to table eating. 

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Love local

Fin and Farm is an established local food and drink delivery business which sits at the heart of the food scene in Brighton, Hove,Lewes and Worthing, East Sussex. It is owned by Nick and Muir who thoroughly enjoy sourcing supplies directly from farmers and producers and delivering to businesses and householders on their rounds.