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Local Food Britain joins Francis Gimblett for an evening of cheese making and wine tasting at Vintners’ Hall

Great food and drink events Since 1997, the Taste of the Vineteam has entertained high-flying corporate clients from around the world with their passionate knowledge for wine (Fr…

wine, cheese

A taste of Surrey food and drink for Surrey Day 2019

To celebrate Surrey Day, we challenged Local Food Britain’s members to create a dream local menu that we could truly call our own. From starters through to the wine, cheese and de…

venison, bread, wine, cheese, salad, watercress, quiche, strawberries

Surrey's Greyfriars Vineyard adds Blanc de Noirs to Prestige Cuvée range

A wine family... Found in a beautiful location on the southern face of the Hog’s Back between Farnham and Guildford, Greyfriars Vineyard is very much a family affair. Mike and Hi…


Celebrate English Wine Week with 5 local vineyards and wineries

Taking place from Saturday May 26 to Sunday June 3, English Wine Week is a celebration of the growing number of superb wine producers in this country. Here we celebrate five of ou…


Explore English wine and do your bit for charity: Biddenden Vineyards launches £1 tours for Dandelion Time

Explore English Wine in aid of Dandelion Time  New for 2017, Biddenden Vineyards is excited to invite visitors to join one of its Charity Tours for £1, in aid of Dandelion Time…

wine, cider, juice

Cow horns, fertility rituals and award-winning wines: biodynamic viticulture at Albury Vineyard

Everyone knows there's nothing like good old-fashioned farmyard muck to get roses blooming and crops flourishing. But a single bucketful of cow poo to fertilise a whole 12 acres of…

wine, Albury Vineyard, biodynamic

Biddenden celebrates collection of 2016 awards

Biddenden Vineyards is celebrating after having been awarded a Decanter World Wine Silver, two Sommelier Wine Awards and a Bronze medal in the 2016 International Cider Challenge. …

awards, English wine, wine, Biddenden Vineyards, cider

Albury Vineyard toasts the Queen's 90th birthday with the Duke of Kent

It was the perfect end to a day packed with royal duties: His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent sat relaxed in the sun-drenched Albury Organic Vineyard and toasted the Queen's birth…

wine, Albury Vineyard, Duke of Kent

It's Gold for Silent Pool Rosé

Albury Vineyard is celebrating after its Silent Pool Rosé scooped a Gold medal at the English and Welsh Wine of the Year competition. This makes Silent Pool Rosé one of only th…

English wine, wine, Albury Vineyard, Silent Pool Rose

A toast to English Wine Week

We have many things to thank the Romans for – indoor plumbing, paved streets, public libraries – but perhaps one of their greatest gifts to Britain was the introduction of the vin…

Organic, English wine, wine, Albury Vineyard, Monty's Pet Nat, English Wine Week, Monty Waldin, Nick Wenman

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