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Big cheeses from Sussex

High Weald Dairy  Sussex-based High Weald Dairy produces 15 artisan cheeses, all of them vegetarian. Click here for more information. The Cheese Hut Sussex-based cheese suppli…

Sussex Cheeses, vegetarian

Beyond the farm gate

Spring into action Oakwood Farm Lifestyle is re-opening its tea room from Good Friday, March 30 until Christmas. It is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10-5pm with breakfasts …

Sussex Cheeses, fruit, eggs, jams, vegetables

High Weald Dairy teams up with FlaVit Seaweed

Award-winning High Weald Dairy has teamed up with fledgling Surrey business FlaVit Seaweed to produce the Seven Sisters Sheep Cheese with a hint of Hebridean seaweed. As well as b…

High Weald Dairy, Sussex Cheeses, surrey food, Sussex, Surrey, FlaVit, cheese

Sussex cheeses

With its lush meadows, Sussex is truly a cheese-making county. Here, we look at the cream of the county's cheeses made by award-winning High Weald Dairy located at Horsted Keynes,…

High Weald Dairy, Sussex Cheeses

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