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Gran Stead's Ginger Co non-alcoholic drinks are a fiery festive treat

Local Food Britain members and founders of Gran Stead's Ginger Co., Chris and Rosemary Knox, are renown for their award-winning range of non-alcoholic ginger drinks that make the …

Ginger, Christmas, drinks

Knock Down Ginger cocktail by Gran Stead’s and Brighton Gin

Gran Stead’s Ginger Company, which makes award-winning non-alcoholic drinks from its base at Mile Oak Farm in Portslade, teamed up with its equally award-winning neighbour, Bright…

Sussex, drinks

Gran Stead’s Ginger Co hit the road to food and drink shows around the south

Nostalgia with fizz Gran Stead's drinks were inspired by an original recipe created by Gran Stead herself back in the 19th century. Today, these delightful drinks are made in Sus…

Ginger, drinks

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