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Gran Stead’s Ginger Company, which makes award-winning non-alcoholic drinks from its base at Mile Oak Farm in Portslade, teamed up with its equally award-winning neighbour, Brighton Gin, to create `Knock Down Ginger’.

The amber coloured heady mix includes Brighton Gin and Gran Stead’s Mellow Ginger Wine with a hint of lime, basil and mint.

“It has been a privilege working with the Brighton Gin team on this project and it is wonderful to create a cocktail that is truly local,” said Chris Knox, who owns and runs Gran Stead’s Ginger Company with his wife Rosemary.

“Cram it with ice and it’s a perfect refresher, but I can also see people enjoying this drink in cooler months as the ginger adds a layer of warmth to the mix.” 

The two companies are hoping that Knock Down Ginger will become a regular feature on cocktail menus in Brighton and Hove bars as well as an easy to make cocktail for the home.

Fresh from the launch of its fundraising limited-edition Pride bottles, Brighton Gin’s founder and Managing Director, Kathy Caton, said: “Brighton Gin was born of a passion for the place where we live and play so it made sense to work with a local company to create a gin and ginger cocktail and celebrate some of the great drinks being produced in the city.  And the two drinks are perfect partners – after all `gin’ starts the word `ginger’.”

So, to make a Knock Down Ginger, clap five leaves of basil and five leaves of mint in your hands to release the flavours. Then put them in the bottom of a tumbler and fill it to the top with ice (weather dependent!). Add the juice of half a lime and 50ml of Brighton Gin. Top up with Gran Stead’s Mellow Ginger Wine and stir. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Gran Stead’s Mellow ginger is available in local farm shops and independent stores, including Infinity Foods in the centre of Brighton and can be bought online via their website.


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Meet the makers...

Both Gran Stead's Ginger Company and Brighton Gin will be leaving the Sussex coast and joining Local Food Britain on Priory Farm's Discovery Walk at our Countryside Food Festival on Saturday September 15, 10am to 4pm.