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Living field to fork and cooking over fire with The Salt Box

Can you remember when you first fell in love with food and drink? My family are largely vegetarians and vegans, but I grew up on chicken dippers with little concept of where my f…

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Epsom Supper Club by Laura Scott, How to cook good food - review

When Local Food Britain was invited to join the Epsom Supper Club table, it was easy to see why this supper club, run by LFB member, chef and caterer, Laura Scott, has gained such…

supper clubs

How food unites us all through WeFiFo

Whether it’s a secret supper club, a pop-up restaurant or an immersive dining event, eating out is all about the experience these days – but it hasn’t always been easy to find out…

supper clubs

The Epsom Supper Club undergoes a refurb in time for summer

Summer Salad recipe Try one of Laura Scott's favourite summer dishes with her recipe for a Summer Tomato Bulgur Salad Bowl. Cook, Bake and Eat Private chef, cookery tutor and …

cookery school, supper clubs

A night with Food Envy at their Surrey supper club - review

There's nothing quite like gathering around a table full of good food and drink with friends, family and new acquaintances to get the conversation flowing. Local Food Britain visi…

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WeFiFo teams up with Local Food Britain

A kind of pop-up dining equivalent of Airbnb, WeFiFo has been taking the foodie world by storm – and now they are going to be teaming up with us here at Local Food Britain in an ex…

supper clubs, pop-up dining, foodie destinations, eating out

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