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How have things been for you during this unprecedented time?

I have seen a substantial increase in demand for my new Covid-19 adapted business venture since lock down, which I have been quite taken aback by.

What has been the secret of your success in getting through it?

I can put my success down to my immediate response to the situation. I pretty much overnight changed the emphasis of my business from supper club and cookery classes to food deliveries, a pop-up home micro bakery and an ‘At Home Dining” service.

Despite the challenges, have you found yourself in any humorous situations?

The deliveries have been a challenge. I dropped off a couple of loaves to the wrong house and had to go back and re-claim them. I have learned that I need to take phone numbers to prevent this from happening again!

What advice would you have for other local businesses?

My advice would be to adapt and be flexible in what you are offering. None of us know what lies ahead and holding on to a fixed set of values and ideas might not see you through this challenging situation, which looks like it’s going to go on for much longer than we all anticipated.

Any new initiatives that you are planning for this summer?

I have just started offering online Zoom sourdough classes and cookery lessons. My aim is to do all of my cooking and deliveries during the week so I can focus on Saturday as my teaching day.

Why is it important that people ‘Stay Loyal to Local’ going forward?

We all have to be realistic about the situation we find ourselves in. Staying local will not only benefit our communities and health, but also keep them afloat and able to survive financially.

Lastly, what is your own favourite thing about the local area?

I have enjoyed a delicious take away meal from multi-award winning Dastaan restaurant and making the most of all the wonderful local Asian/Middle Eastern supermarkets and corner shops. I have been so impressed by how they have adapted to supply ingredients that even the supermarkets aren’t able to offer and no queues either. I have been kept in supply of yeast and flour by them in particular.

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