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Local Food Sussex - the Fin and Farm way

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Fin & Farm delivers Sussex produce to pubs, restaurants and homes across the county. Here, Tracy Carroll, founder of Local Food Brita…

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The power of keeping it local

As we head into the New Year, it’s the traditional time to think about healthy and nutritious eating – and, here in Sussex, there can be few better places to start than Tuppenny B…

fruit, Organic, jam, chutney, veg boxes, vegetables, farm shop

Learning about organic food production at Tuppenny Barn

The advantages of eating fresh, organic local produce have been well documented – as have the benefits, both mental and physical, of ‘growing your own’. Combining both then can on…

Organic, Education, veg boxes, vegetables, salad, food events

TV's Naked Grocer Chris Bavin bares all about nation's veg habits

With his frugal food and drink TV show, Eat Well For Less? now in its third series, Local Food Britain founder member Chris Bavin is a man on a mission to get the nation eating be…

Chris Bavin, The Naked Grocer, Eat Well For Less?, Gregg Wallace, veg boxes

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