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While many people are busy trying to reduce their use of plastic at the moment, there have been no such concerns for Surrey’s Greener Greens.

This organic veg-box company, which has a speciality in biodynamic produce, has long been ahead of the curve.

Zero waste lifestyle

Not only is it already plastic-free, but it has also been pushing the environmental message since it was founded back in 1995.

“Although the use of plastic has been in the news a lot lately, and it’s great that people are more aware, that’s just one small part of the whole story,” says owner Jill Morris.

“Climate change, a widespread decline in our wildlife and rising diet-related ill-health means that it has never been more important to produce healthy food, cut food miles and protect our environment. And that’s not to mention the animal welfare aspect.

“Choosing how we eat is a simple but powerful form of direct action – and, here at Greener Greens, all our produce is certified organic by the Soil Association. So, when you buy from us, you really are making a difference for people, plants and the planet.”

Not surprisingly, Jill has seen a lot of changes in the organic sector over the last 25 years – including a dip in the market around the time of the economic crash, in 2008, when many consumers began tightening their belts.

A fresh generation

But, over the last few years, demand has well and truly returned – and has perhaps never been greater than it is now.

“It’s particularly interesting when we’re at Horsham Farmers’ Market, which we do twice a week, as we’re seeing so many younger customers now,” says Jill.

“Of course, we still have our loyal regulars from over the years, but it’s very encouraging to see so much interest from people in their 20s and 30s.

“In addition to being very health-conscious, and therefore keen to eat organic, biodynamic food as far as possible, they are also very environmentally aware.”

And that’s not to mention the taste! As Jill explains, the beauty of organic food – and especially biodynamic produce – is that the flavour is unsurpassed.

Plus, all the produce is also super-fresh. Whilst Surrey unfortunately doesn’t have any certified producers of organic fruit and veg, everything is sourced as locally as possible – mainly in Sussex or Kent – and usually collected within 24 hours of harvesting.

Supporting independent producers

What is more, Greener Greens work with small independent growers who care passionately about the quality of their produce.

“We very much believe in collaborating with other local, independent businesses that share the same values as us – which is one of the reasons we are a member of Local Food Britain,” adds Jill.

“For example, in our latest venture, we are delighted to be supplying the lovely Inside Out Health shop in Reigate – not only with organic fruit and veg but also our readymade salads.”

At this time of year, of course, there’s an absolute multitude of delicious fresh produce in season – from sweetcorn and squashes to leeks, spinach and kale.

Plus, with not a bit of plastic to be seen, you can enjoy it all with a completely clear conscience.

  • This article originally appeared in Local Food Britain's monthly Meet the Producer food and drink column in Surrey Life magazine. 

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