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Local Food Sussex - the Fin and Farm way

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Fin & Farm delivers Sussex produce to pubs, restaurants and homes across the county. Here, Tracy Carroll, founder of Local Food Brita…

meat, fruit, juice, cheese, veg boxes, eggs, vegetables

Explore English wine and do your bit for charity: Biddenden Vineyards launches £1 tours for Dandelion Time

Explore English Wine in aid of Dandelion Time  New for 2017, Biddenden Vineyards is excited to invite visitors to join one of its Charity Tours for £1, in aid of Dandelion Time…

wine, cider, juice

Folkington's launches Garden range of juice pressés

Juice specialist Folkington's has launched a new range of canned sparkling juice pressés, Folkington’s Garden. The Folkington’s Garden range of Ginger Beer, Rhubarb & Apple, Elder…

local drink, juice, Folkington's

Biddenden Vineyards spreads the Red Love

Biddenden Vineyards has launched Red Love, the UK's first naturally red apple juice, produced by Biddenden from British-grown Red Love apples. The Swiss apple variety boasts a cri…

Apples, Apple pressing, Biddenden Vineyards, juice, Red Love

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