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Bake with Jack’s Jack Sturgess talks real bread, good food and Sunday Brunch

For the love of real bread The only thing better than freshly baked bread is bread freshly baked by you - that's what Jack Sturgess, the dynamic young baker behind Bake With Jack…

cooking advice, bread

A taste of Surrey food and drink for Surrey Day 2019

To celebrate Surrey Day, we challenged Local Food Britain’s members to create a dream local menu that we could truly call our own. From starters through to the wine, cheese and de…

venison, bread, wine, cheese, salad, watercress, quiche, strawberries

Transforming bread into beer into sauce into sandwich in Surrey

Three Surrey-based Local Food Britain members have combined their skills and produce to take food and drink repurposing and collaboration to another level. Reigate’s Crumbs Bre…

condiments, bread, beer

New partnership between beer company Crumbs Brewing and Chalk Hills Bakery

If you are a food festival fan, you may have spotted that two Local Food Britain artisans from Surrey seem to be joined at the hip. Where Chalk Hills Bakery are, new innovative…

surrey food, Bakers, bread, Surrey, Baking, artisan, beer

Our Daily Bread: Real Bread Week in Surrey

Whether we’re spreading jam on our toast at breakfast, packing up the kids’ sandwiches for school or mopping up the last of a delicious dinner, bread is a major part of the daily …

local food surrey, Chalk Hills Bakery, bread, Real Bread Week, Real Bread Campaign, The Epsom Bakehouse

Real Bread in Surrey

Only last century it would have been quite normal to bake bread at home for the family, perhaps once or twice a week. These days, most of us buy our bread and some would say that …

Real Bread, bread, Real Bread Week

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