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My sourdough top tips:

1. Make sure you have a reliable set of digital kitchen scales.

2. Do not make sourdough bread if you are in a rush. This bread takes time, especially when you are first starting out.

3. Sourdough bread making works differently for everybody. There are so many factors involved and each batch of sourdough will take a different amount of time to prove depending on the weather, the water temperature, your starter and the flour used. Regular practice is key to mastering sourdough bread.

4. Make sure your starter is lively and active before you use it. Feed your starter well at least two or three days before and keep feeding it until you are ready to use it. An under active starter will make a under active loaf.

5. Come on my sourdough demo or full day course and learn first-hand the practical skills of making this naturally leavened bread!

Laura Scott’s sourdough demo and lunch

Laura now offers you a chance to learn all about the art of sourdough bread making in her instructive hands-on demonstrations followed by a delicious locally sourced seasonal lunch with a glass of Surrey wine. You will go home with a fresh pot of sourdough starter as well as comprehensive instruction booklet and some sourdough bread to inspire you to get baking. The cost of this class is £50 per person.

She also teaches full day sourdough cookery workshops for small groups (up to six people) on request. Timings for this class are 9.30am to 3.30pm with a break for lunch. The cost for this class is £125 per person.

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