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Looking for a caffeine-free hot drink? Give the "decaff coffee" a break and enjoy fruit teas – sometimes referred to as 'herbal' teas. They do not usually contain any real tea and therefore no caffeine. Some, fruit teas, however, are black or green teas with fruit extract – equally delicious but not always caffeine-free. People often drink fruit teas because they are healthier. Green tea with berries is a source of antioxidants and apple or orange teas a source of vitamin C. Here, we help you find fruit teas in Sussex.

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  • Edgcumbes Tea and Coffee Co in
  • Roasting and blending since 1981, Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Merchants have been supplying the UK's independent café scene for 40 years from their Sussex roastery. Visit their award-winning EDGE Café too!