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Folkington's produces natural fruit juices and drinks that look and taste exceptional. They are made from wonderful pure juices (never from concentrate) with some being prepared with locally-sourced ingredients - such as:

Cloudy Apple Juice (Russet apples grown at two Wealden orchards in East Sussex and Kent)

Elderflower Drink (wild elderflowers hand-picked from hedgerows in Susssex's Cuckmere River valley)

Cloudy Pear Juice (Pears from Kent, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire)

Best of British Summer Berries (made with a blend of pure fruit juices of raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants gathered from farms around Britain)

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Sustainability is a keyword for Folkington's Juices and their bottles are designed for super-easy recycling as the components are made to be easily separated. Simply slit the plastic sleeve off the bottle and pop it into your plastic recycling bin, the bottle in the glass bin and the cap in the metal bin. 

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Local Food Sussex says

Their outstanding flavour really sets Folkington's Juices apart, and much of this is down to impeccable sourcing of ingredients: lemons from the finest Femminello Comune family grown by farming co-operatives in Sicily; cranberries nurtured on the south eastern side of the St Lawrence River, Quebec. And one of the secrets to Folkington’s drinks’ exceptional fruitiness is that they are pressed or squeezed close to where each variety is grown.

Folkington’s approach to sourcing starts right here in Sussex where they live and work. They go out of their way to support local businesses for services such as packaging and printing and of course by buying those local apples, pears and elderflowers. They are also passionate about supporting local charities and events.