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English Wine Week - cause for optimism after the frost

The arrival of English Wine Week (27th May to 4th June 2017) is a bit of a mixed blessing for English wine producers this year. On the one hand the industry is growing apace with …

English wine, English Wine Week

Biddenden celebrates collection of 2016 awards

Biddenden Vineyards is celebrating after having been awarded a Decanter World Wine Silver, two Sommelier Wine Awards and a Bronze medal in the 2016 International Cider Challenge. …

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It's Gold for Silent Pool Rosé

Albury Vineyard is celebrating after its Silent Pool Rosé scooped a Gold medal at the English and Welsh Wine of the Year competition. This makes Silent Pool Rosé one of only th…

English wine, wine, Albury Vineyard, Silent Pool Rose

A toast to English Wine Week

We have many things to thank the Romans for – indoor plumbing, paved streets, public libraries – but perhaps one of their greatest gifts to Britain was the introduction of the vin…

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Local food predictions for 2015

A new year always brings a fresh set of trend predictions, and in food there are plenty of big stories. While there’s a definite trend for cutting down (on sugar, meat and gluten)…

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