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Plurenden Manor Farm on dairy farming, happy cows and fresh milk

Tell us about Plurenden Manor Farm and the people behind it... We really are a family farm here at Plurenden Manor Farm! It’s a mum, dad, two sisters and two brothers team, as we…

farming, milk, butter

Hill House Farm’s farm to fork Surrey produce dinner - review

Local Food Britain member Hill House Farm hosts a farm to fork local produce dinner celebrating their rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pork and Surrey produce at The Royal Oak pub i…

meat, farming, local food surrey, eating out, local produce

Dorking’s Hill House Farm launches new ‘farm to fork’ rare breed pork meals

Hill House Farm near Dorking, Surrey, has released a selection of rare breed pork ready meals based on their free range Gloucester Old Spot pigs. The ‘farm to fork’ range is now a…


Surrey Hills Butchers' Simon Taylor talks butchery, farming and Jimmy Doherty

It's no exaggeration to say that in recent years, Simon Taylor of Surrey Hills Butchers has helped to rejuvenate the Surrey butchery trade with his energy, passion and eye for a r…

meat, butchers, farming, rare breed

Lucinda has a beef about traceability

Lucinda Perks'  family began farming in 1993 after 30 odd years in the hospitality business because they wanted to serve locally and ethically reared meat with real flavour. Today,…

beef, farming

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