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WeFiFo book and culture club with Adele Parks - review

A cultural dining experience WeFiFo and The Salt Box are members of Local Food Britain. WeFiFo is an award winning social eating platform connecting home cooks, professional chef…

fish, meat, fruit, vegetables

For the love of Sussex food and drink

Get into the mood for food by exploring the best Sussex has to offer this Valentine's Day. Local Food Britain provides a cracking cross section of its members as highlighted in th…

Ginger, fish, beef, chocolate, cheese, gin, sparkling wine

Billy's on the Beach thrills fans with Sussex's freshest fish

Local Food Sussex member Billy's on the Beach is wowing customers with the freshness of its fish and chips caught in the waters it overlooks and delivered from the fishmonger down…

fish, fishmonger, chips, plaice, sole, cod

In season now: mackerel

One of our most popular native sea fish, British mackerel is at the peak of its season now so it's the perfect time to enjoy this flavoursome delight at its best. It's also one of…

fish, Veasey and Sons, mackerel, fishmonger

Sussex fish

The Sussex coast is home to a wonderful range of fish and shellfish. We asked local Sussex fishmonger Veasey & Sons to share with us the great catches they receive from their crew …


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