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Winning Preserves with Passion piccalilli to be a Christmas sell out with Bartie’s Sussex Faire

Preserves with Passion is an annual competition held by Local Food Britain to find the best home-made jam, piccalilli, jelly or chutney. Here we catch up with this year’s winner, …


A passion for preserves with Bartie’s Sussex Faire

Local Food Britain member John Bartlett from Bartie’s Sussex Faire is steeling himself for another busy selling season in the run up to Christmas with a burgeoning range of delect…

Christmas, jam, chutney, mustard, preserves

Piccalilli packs a punch for local charity

Here at Local Food Britain, we are all about championing even the smallest artisan food producers – which is why at our inaugural food festival just recently we were delighted to …

jam, chutney, competition, preserves, Boxing Day, allotment

Our top tips for the perfect preserves

With the entries rolling in for our new Preserves with Passion competition, a unique quest to find the finest home-made jams, jellies, and chutneys in the south east, here three l…

food and drink, chutney, competition, jams, preserves

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