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Local Food Sussex - the Fin and Farm way

Celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, Fin & Farm delivers Sussex produce to pubs, restaurants and homes across the county. Here, Tracy Carroll, founder of Local Food Brita…

meat, fruit, juice, cheese, veg boxes, eggs, vegetables

Turning breakfast into an art form with Billy's on the Road

Sussex diner Billy's on the Road is breaking the rules when it comes to breakfast as revealed in the August issue of Sussex lifestyle magazine Etc... Billy's bolster boosting bre…

breakfast, eggs, bacon

Beyond the farm gate

Spring into action Oakwood Farm Lifestyle is re-opening its tea room from Good Friday, March 30 until Christmas. It is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 10-5pm with breakfasts …

Sussex Cheeses, fruit, eggs, jams, vegetables

Stir up Sunday - make your own Christmas pudding with Bartie's Sussex Faire on 26 November

Stir Up Sunday with Local Food Britain member Bartie's Sussex Faire on November 26, as seen in Sussex lifestyle magazine Etc This tradition harks back to Victorian times when t…

chutney, eggs, Christmas puddings

A good egg: World Egg Day

Eggs have been a staple of our diets throughout human history, and it's hardly surprising considering their fantastic nutritional profile. So World Egg Day, the annual global cele…

eggs, World Egg Day, free range

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